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In the above video you will meet Rosie and Magdalena.

They explain us how they learned to weave Mexican Hammocks from their mothers. They weave to help to buy food and also to cover school expenses.

Making Mexican Hammocks from home is a tradition that passes from generation to generation since long time ago.

Wendy and Magdalena live in a group of 4 little houses or rooms. In each room lives a family. For example in one room lives Rosie's sister her husband and their little boy.

Mayan Legacy is helping to  keep the tradition of making Mexican Hammocks.

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In the above video you will meet Wendy, this beautiful Mayan girl hand weaves hammocks to help with the expenses of her family.

Wendy lives in a little town in Yucatan Mexico, where the people speaks Mayan language.  Wendy also speaks Spanish  because she likes to read, she is a very smart girl who weaves Mexican Hammocks from her home.  Wendy lives in a small house with her dad, mum, sisters and one niece.

Worth to watch.

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