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Mayan Legacy is an Australian/Mexican family business that enrols the skills of adult tradespeople in small Mexican villages to produce high-quality hammocks, hammock chairs and crafts. We are located in Brisbane, Australia, and we pride ourselves on our quality products and excellent service.
We are located in  Brisbane Australia and  pride ourselves on our quality products and excellent service.

Mayan Legacy was established in 2002, with the idea of providing regular and fair employment to local Mayan artisans while realising our dream of establishing a family business.

We are committed to producing high-quality products and providing families from small Mexican towns the opportunity to earn a fair and decent living.

Mayan Legacy has hand-picked their employees from remote towns away from the Mexican city of Merida Yucatan, where villagers don’t have a great deal of job opportunities.

We are constantly consulting with the artisans, and we guarantee the quality of each product.

We are always looking to introduce new products into our range, such as our long-lasting thick string cotton range, our double-stitched nylon Mexican selection, our Mexican Hammocks and hammock chairs with crocheted fringe, our steel and hardwood hammock frame range, etc.

This is why we can say that owning a Mayan Legacy product is like having a whole culture in your hands! Mayan Legacy offers the very best in quality hand-woven items. We can say this because we produce them ourselves.

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A message from Alicia Gambley (Mayan Legacy Founder):

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am from a Mexican city called Merida where it is so hot and humid that everybody sleeps in a Mexican hammock. I started this business in 2002 in Mexico with a small production range, then in 2004 I moved to Australia with my Aussie husband and started selling our products online. Today, I sell around 900 high-quality items per year. I have learned all the secrets to deliver the best quality hammocks in Brisbane and worldwide, like double-stitched nylon products, good quality cotton nets, thick string cotton items to hang in patios, traditional weave in the chairs, etc.

All of what you’ll find in my internet shop is carefully made by expert artisans and supervised by my team to deliver the highest quality Mexican hammocks you could find.

Thank you very much for your support.


Alicia Gambley

The begining: I used to buy cotton spools and find ladies who could weave my hammocks. In 2002 I was exporting from Mexico my hammocks to USA and France

In 2004 I moved to Australia and moved Mayan Legacy here.

This year at Wendy's house in Mexico. We are talking at the patio with her 2 sisters, mum and niece. We are talking about how they used to weave hammocks when they were little girls

One more from this year trip to Mexico. Here the photographer is taking a photo of us. Rosy, Magdalena and me. We were working in a video for you for our clients

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